Friday August 3rd 2007

August began with a wedding at ……… The El Cortez!! It seems as if I have lived there recently, but as it stands I don’t have another wedding there until next May.

Ryan & Kristyn were our clients today (Julie was also the co-ordinator). The ceremony was at the Casa Del Prado, where i provided microphones. They had Father Joe and a harpist. Carrie McCluskey and her husband Todd were the photographers, and Jeff Roldan was the videographer, I haven’t had a chance to work with either of them for a while. It is always nice to work wioth vendors you know.

Ryan & Kristyn have been busy lately, they just brought a house and have been working on renovating that as well as planning a wedding, but (imho) the vendors they picked made the wedding planning much easier. Paul Bott did the food, and flowers, so you know everything went well there!!!

Their first dance was interesting. I don’t think Ryan will mind if I compare his dancing ability to mine…… Enough Said. The dance floor was a little bit slow at first but it picked up in the end and we ended up extending. A good start to the weekend!!

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