Friday July 27th 2007

Back to work (although my job is so much fun, I don’t consider it work!!), and back to the El Cortez with my usual crew of Nick, Herb and Monica. They really are fun to work with and I always look forward to weddings there. Tonight saw Steve and Kelly in from Phoenix. I think most of the guests were out of towners.

For the grand entrance, Steve surprised Kelly with thundersticks (they are both huge Phoenix Suns fans), when they came in, they formed a circle with the bridal party and acted as if they were getting ready for game time, it was awesome.

A good dancing (and drinking) crowd and we went solidly until the end. I got to work with Culinary Concepts for the first time, which was a good experience. The co-ordinator was one of my ex brides who also got married at the El Cortez!!) A good start to the weekend!!

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