Friday July 20 2007

lisa-matt.JPGlisa-matt-1.JPGMy only wedding this weekend was Lisa & Matt’s wedding at the La Jolla Financial Building.  The ceremony was at Kate Session’s Park, where I provided music, and they also had a friend play guitar and sing a song  as the bride entered.

Julie was the co-ordinator, and Laura from Innovative and her crew did the video and photo’s, so everything went smoothly for us.  It was a fun crowd, we got a lot of dancing and a lot of people stayed until the end, which is always a good thing.  One of our previous clients, Lauren & Ryan from just a few weeks ago were also guests, so it was fun to catch up with them.

Lisa & Matt are a great couple, we had fun working with them before and during the wedding.  I have an open challenge with Matt to join me for one of my poker nights!!

They had a monogram, which I have a picture of attached.  This wedding was so much fun, it made up for having no others this weekend.  The other picture shown aboive was from our last song, Piano Man!!!

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