Sunday July 15th

melanie-tawfik.jpgMelanie and Tawfik ended out the weekend at La Valencia. We had a very narrow turnover, but we somehow managed to get everything done in time. I got to work with the Wonderful Suzanne (  and she took the above picture.

Melanie is French Canadian, and Tawfik is Moroccan, so you know we had a lot of good and interesting music. After dinner we had a Belly dancer (my second in 3 days!!) that got the dance floor going, and we never really looked back after that. The dance floor was pretty packed all night, apart from a coupe of songs, and we extended on the night. I was really glad everything went well. I am not really familiar with this type of music, but I spent a lot of time in preparation, on my own and with Melanie & Tawfik, so I was happy it turned out well!!!

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