Saturday July 14 2007

Back at the La Jolla Womens club for Christine and Brians wedding today. I didn’t have to do anything for the ceremony or cocktail, but I was still there early as I don’t like to be setting up as guests arrive. I had some time to hang out with Betsy (who runs the club) and people watch (a lot of what a DJ does is to watch the crowd and cocktail hour is a good time to see people’s reactions to certain songs).

Brian and Christine had an interesting taste in music, and I got to play a lot of new songs during dinner, which is always good for me. We also had a slide show, that was very good. They picked out the right sort of pictures (fun and including other guests).

The dance floor was up and down, there were a lot of older guests that were not big dancers, but overall it was a good night and everyone seemed to have a good time.

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