Friday May 15th 2009

Tonight I was at The Madison Gallery in La Jolla for a fund raising event for ‘Las Patronas’ as they build towards their ‘Jewel Ball’.  Las Patronas are a group that works to raise funds for Non Profit Organizations in San Diego, and a lot of work went into tonight, which i believe was a great success.

My good friend Giuseppe  (giuseppe catering) was instrumental in tonight and did a fantastic job with the food and entertainment on hand.  Everyone there seemed to have a great time.

We had Indian Dancers in the form of the Shimmy Sisters (shown below) that did a great job.  I have to admit it was a bit nerve racking being set up in a room surrounded by pieces of art worth so much money, but I was very careful!!!!  Here are a few pictures, I want the one I took of the 8 separate art pieces!!!! giuseppe-4.JPGgiuseppe-2.JPGgiuseppe-5.JPGgiuseppe-3.JPGgiuseppe-1.JPG

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