Sunday October 25th 2015 Orfila Vineyard


Tonight I was solo at Orfila Vineyards to celebrate Chris & Jessica’s big say, and what a day it was !!

As with my wedding yesterday there is a great ceremony view, just not of th ewater, but just as unique !!


The reception area looked great also

IMG_9234 IMG_9227

And the dance floor was great all night, we even got a conga line goin garound the whole reception area!!


And we had a great dance floor all night , By that I mean it was a Nellie The Elephant Night , which is saved for only the best dance crowds 🙂 and we played all sorts of music from Arabic to Ska to a packed dance floor!!

A great end to an awesome weekend 🙂

IMG_9368 IMG_9353 IMG_9316 IMG_9262



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