Saturday April 18th 2009

No Julie tonight, but a great day for me at the Darlington House for Daniela & Jeremy’s wedding.  I had 2 previous clients there tonight,  in Ellie & Andrew and Kelly & Stuart.

As yesterday the weather was great today.  We had a very unique ceremony as Their friend Maria sang two songs, one for the processional and one for the Sand Ceremony, and another friend, Edward played Violin for the Brides entrance.  They were both awesome.daniela-jeremy-1.jpg

What can I say about the dance floor tonight, last night was great, tonight was even better!!!  It was full from Start to finish, and I got to play a lot of eighties 🙂  I think I played one song all night that was after 2000 which made a nice change.  As with Ellie & Andrew and Kelly & Stuart’s wedding, Oh L’Amour by Erasure was a must play.daniela-jeremy-2.JPG

A great start to the weekend

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