Sunday April 5th 2009

A busy weekend ended for Julie and I at the Dana tonight for Alan & Rachel’s wedding.  I just did music for dinner and dancing, but I was busty as I had my Dance lights and Uplights going.  We really enjoy working at the Dana and the staff are always really friendly and helpful.

I set up in fromt of the mirrors tonight instead of off to the side and I thought it was much better there.  I felt more a part of everything.

For the 3rd night in a row people were out to party!!!  We did the Hora before dinner which was great (I love watching the Hora) and after dinner the dancing continued as we played a wide variety of music to please everyone.

My lights really made the room look different as well as creating a totally different atmosphere.  I highly recommend them 🙂 The pictures here were taken in daylightalan-rachel-1.JPG and then after darkalan-rachel-2.JPG to show you the difference!!

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