Friday April 3rd 2008

I had my first trip to the Crossings in Carlsbad tonight for Fred & Cari’s wedding.  It was great to see Lisa & Matt, old clients of ours there as well.

The Crossings is a great site to have a wedding, I wish they had dimmers on the lights (they were either on or off) but other than that it was awesome.  The staff were great and they made sure the whole night was a breeze for everyone.

The Ceremony was held on a lawn just outside the main reception room.  Miles Moynier played guitar.fred-cari-1.JPG

To say that they came to party is an understatement.  Fred and Cari danced the night away with their guests.  The sight of all the groomsmen doing the Safety Dance was one I won’t forget for a while…..

We could easily have extended tonight, but as i say it is always a good idea to end leaving them wanting more, they will remember it for longer !!!

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