Sunday March 29th 2009

Off to the El Cortez today for Annmarie and James’ wedding.  The room looked great as it always does.  I had my uplighting and a monogram tonight.  We had the ceremony inside, and I was able to have the monogram on the front of the dance floor, as people walked into the ceremony.  I usually prefer to show a monogram on a wall, but the EL Cortez has a floor that is perfect for monograms to show clearly My camera does not do it justice unfortunately.annmarie-james-2.JPG

Julie was with me again tonight and Chana & Don were the photographers so you know they are going to get great pictures.  One of our past clients, Katie & Scott were there on their 1st wedding anniversary, so congratulations to them !!!  I got to take a picture with them and the happy couple annmarie-james-1.JPG

Tonight, was another good one, we kept the dance floor going.  I have said it 1000 times and I hope to say it 1000 times more, but we get to work for a ton of awesome clients and tonight was no exception.  We stay in touch through the whole process so we develop relationships a lot of the time and like to feel we are part of the wedding, not just hired help, so it is always very satisfying when the day goes well, as I feel it did tonight !!!  As Ice Cube said, ‘Today was a good day’

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