Saturday March 28th 2009

back to the Admiral Kidd Club tonight for Julie and I as Chris and Maureen got married today.  Tonight was a busy night, during dinner we had two friends sing, the Pasacat dance troupe perform 2 dances and the Brides parents and friends performed a dance for everyone.  All this in addition to the usual toasts and yo will see we were kept busy early on!!!

One of my favourite moments tonight was when Chris presented maureen with a rose during the first dance.  As you will see from the picture below, it was no ordinary rose ……..

I also got to debut my new Amber uplights tonight, and they looked really good.  I managed to put out 16 around the room and it really made a difference to the look.  We also had a monogram that looked great

By the time we were done everyone was ready to dance, and boy did they come to party.  The dance floor was great all night and we played a lot of fun music tonight.  Julie was kept busy all night, but she also had a blast as we really enjoyed working for both Chris and Maureen, and their families were really nice as well.  maureen-chris-1.JPGmaureen-chris-2.JPGmaureen-chris-3.JPG

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