Decibel Comparisons

A common question I am asked by clients is ‘how loud do you play your music’.  This is in response to sites having decibel limits.  The most common limit sites have seems to be 60db’s.  As you will see from the following chart, this is an unrealistic decibel level, so I often wonder where sites get their limits from ………  I know of one that says 45db’s ………  Anyway, here is the comparison chart.  I think 90 db’s is more realistic ………..

Decibel (dB) Loudness of Sound
0 near silence; threshold of hearing
10 leaves rustling
20 whisper
30 quiet home
40 quiet conversation
50 normal conversation (50-60 dB)
60 normal conversation
70 hair dryer; vacuum cleaner
80 city traffic
90 thunder; lawn mower
100 chain saw; large orchestra
110 car horn
120 rock concert
130 threshold of pain
140 jet taking off
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