Saturday October 18th 2008

Today I was at the Loews in Coronado for Jenelle & Anthony’s wedding.  I had a lot of set up today as I was running a monogram,  dance lights and up lights, so I got there early with Clark to set up.  What can I say about tonight, it was awesome, the room looked amazing, I really think Black and Dark Red are great colours to choose.  Norma a was the videographer tonight, and Jared from Bauman was the photographer, he has promised me some pics that I cannot wait for as the room looked great.

I am attaching a couple of pictures, one of the room before it got dark, and then when it was dark to show the difference.  I also have one of one of the awesome centrepieces provided by Haydee from creative flowers.  UPDATE  hot off of the presses,

The dance floor was solid from start to finish tonight, I played a wide variety of music tonight and there were people of all ages dancing to anything from Earth Wind & Fire to Skee Lo!!!  We went an extra hour and could have gone longer, but we ended on a high, as you always should (with my Journey finish, which you always should!!)

Jenelle & Anthony were an awesome couple to work for 🙂  I received some pictures from Jared that I am attaching here.  Oh how I wish my pics could look this good .  dance-floor-1.jpgdance-floor.jpgdance-lights.jpgfirst-dance.jpgmonogram.jpguplights-1.jpguplights.jpg

A great wedding for the second night in a row !!!

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