Sunday October 12th 2008

A busy weekend ended today at (drum roll again) The Admiral Kidd Club for Heather & John’s wedding.  They booked me late in the process, so I did not have a chance to meet them before the event, but they were a really nice couple.  Both are stationed in England in the Air Force near Ipswich, so that was good enough for me!!!

Andrea, Julie’s assistant, was the co-ordinator tonight and she did an awesome job as usual.  There was a lot going on tonight, including a Sword arch for the grand entrance and a Glow Stick Dance to keep all the guests entertained,  everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

Kudos to Heathers parents for helping woth so much while they were out of the country, they really went above and beyond to put on a great event and were really nice people as well 🙂

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