Saturday October 11th 2008

Today Julie and I were at Orfila Vineyard for Molly & Daniel’s wedding.  i did uplights and a Monogram tonight, and may I say they looked awesome I am attaching 2 pictures, one during the toasts and one during the honeymoon dance.   I have some awesome  pictures from Carrie McCluskey  ( ) that I am attaching, including one of me!!.

Norma was the videographer tonight, and we had some awesome dancing tonight, so I am hoping she can also get me some video footage. She stayed to the end, so maybe I will get some of my ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ finish !!!  we will see

We could easily have gone another hour tonight, but we ended on a high and everyone went to an after party !!

molly-daniel-3.JPGmolly-daniel-4.JPGmolly-daniel-6.JPG Just a great night all round !!!

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