Friday October 10th 2008

Tonight Julie and I were at the Admiral Kidd Club (Downstairs for a change!!)  for Guin & Mike’s wedding.  This was the first wedding they had since they started replacing the deck.  Work is coming along nicely.

I have never seen so many guests in Uniform as I did tonight !!  We played the theme from ‘Airwolf’ for the grand entrance which was very cool.  The ceremony was on the lawn, but as it was a smaller wedding, they decided to hold it all on the grass, I am attaching a picture for those familiar with the site.  Apart from a seagull depositing a gift on the aisle Runner (which we caught and fixed I might add!!) everything ran smoothly 🙂 guin-mike-2.JPG

The Harbor Lounge is a weird set up, in that the have the dance floor at one end, so my wireless speakers come in very handy here (though maybe not as handy as the awesome Candy Buffet I am also attaching a picture of!!)guin-mike-1.JPG

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