Saturday October 4th 2008

This week was a tough week for us, so it was good to get back to work.  I was at the Lake San Marcos Resort today for Aaron & Kellie’s wedding.  I got to work with Studio Z which is always awesome !!

After an ‘interesting’ start where  the grooms ring was lost in a sand pit right before the ceremony (it was found with the help of a large colander i believe!!) everything ran smoothly tonight.  We were in the Quail Restaurant (I believe it is being re built as a BBQ) and the staff were really friendly.  I had one of my past clients there, Amy & Tom and we played their first dance (By My Side – Ben Harper) which I always try and do.  We had a good dance floor tonight, I had my Uplights going (pink).  Unfortunately there were very few power outlets, and even less space to put them all, but I managed to make it work !!

A great night, with a great couple.

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