Monday Sept 15th 2008

My busiest weekend ever came to an end today, with a wedding I have been looking forward to for a long time !!  Today I was at Wilson Creek for Julie and Vince’s wedding.  Julie is Scottish and Vince is English……………..  and an IPSWICH SUPPORTER !!  the photographer has promised me pictures which I will add as soon as I get them.  I wore an Ipswich Tie, I had a tractor on display as well as bring my flag along.  During dinner I played ‘Edward Ebeneezer Jeremiah Brown’ and the audio of the FA Cup final winning goal in 1978 vs Arsenal.  Great stuff.

I did Julie’s brother, Alan’s wedding to Michelle a couple of years ago so it was great to see them again

It was a small wedding tonight, but I often say the small ones are the best and tonight everyone was in a party mood and danced all night.

The food was awesome, the site is awesome after a make over, a perfect  end to a perfect weekend!!!!!!

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