Sunday Sept 14th (p.m)

My busy weekend continued as I headed from the Oceanview to the Powerhouse for Avi & Abigail’s wedding.  It is very rare that I do 2 weddings in a day, and I will only do it if I have a minmum of 3 hours between events and my assistant, Clark is able to go and set up the second event, as was the case today, so I was able to show up refreshed and ready to go!!

Tonight Julie and I were working with Sarah from Personal touch, so you know the food was awesome, and Mike & Paula from Luna, so you know the pictures will also be awesome !!! Miles Moynier did the ceremony and cocktail, which was great as usual and then I took over.  We started with the Hora, and the Mezinka (where the parents celebrate the marriage of their last children, which was as usual a lot of fun.

It is a shame we don’t drink at events, because tonight they had Mango Mojito’s so Julie was jealous 🙂

The dance floor was up and down, but the evening was great.  Avi and Abigail were great people to work for and it was a pleasure for Julie and I to be their DJ and Co-Ordinator (as it is for  all of our clients I might add!!)

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