Saturday Sept 13th 2008

Julie and I were at the Wild Animal Park today for Sarah & Ryan’s wedding.  It was wierd driving onto the park in my van through all the park visitors!!

There were a lot of Brits present tonight, on Sarah’s side, as well as Koreans on Ryans side.  I have to say, I have rarely seen a bride with such a permanent smile on her face as Sarah did tonight, not that my brides don’t always, but Sarah’s was ‘PermaGrin’ that was one happy bride.

We had a great dancefloor, luckily the 2 bats that were flying around the dance area during dinner left before we started dancing!!   I got to play a ‘Cokney’ medley of Henry The 8th -Any Old Iron-Roll Out The Barrell and Knees Up Mother Brown as well as ending with ‘We’ll Meet Again’ which was a lot of fun, as was the whole event.  As we say in England, Brilliant and Fantastic !!sarah-ryan-1.JPGsarah-ryan-2.JPG

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