Saturday July 19 2008

We were at Tom Hams today for Josh & Tiffany’s wedding.  The day started off with Julie setting up at the site, while the site manager was showing a potential client around the room and telling them (in front of Julie) why, in her opinion, co-ordinators are a waste of money.  While she was telling them this, Julie was correcting the 6 tables they had set up with the wrong number of chairs …….  .   Our blood was boiling I can tell you !!!!

Anyway, back to the wedding, which was a great event,  Set up was challenging, but we got it all done in time and the room looked great.  josh-tiffany.JPGjosh-tiffany-1.JPG

People danced all night and everyone was really great to work with (a pleasent relief from the site manager!!!) .  I say this even though I had to play the Macarena:-)  .  I showed a slide show tonight which Josh & Tiffany made and they did a great job.  We were still goingstrong at the end, when we did a sparkler exit.  For me, tonight was everythong I love about my job (asides from the site manager of course!!!)

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