Saturday July 12 2008

I had my first wedding at Humphrey’s today as Julie and I were working Dan & Cortney’s wedding.  Today was a good day for several reasons, not only were Dan & Cortney awesome, so were their vendors!!!, Nancy Stevens was the florist, Tony Eisenhower was the photographer, Miles Moynier provided music for the ceremony and Pastor Mike was the officiant.  The staff were great to work with as well, which always makes it a smooth day.

I took a couple of pictures from the ceremony today, including one of Dan with Pastor Mike.  They were some very special singers as you can see who sang ‘Unforgettable’ (very well I might add) during the ceremony.

It was good to see one of my future bride’s. April at the site today, I took a picture, but it came out really badly so I am unable to print it 🙁

The reception was fun, even with the Father of the Bride delivering the longest welcome speech in history !!!!


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4 Responses to Saturday July 12 2008

  1. Dan and Cortney says:

    We had such a blast! Mick you and Julie did an AMAZING job! We are so happy and are sailing across the Mexican Riviera 🙂 Thank you so much for making our day so wonderful… even with the longest welcome speech in history 😉

  2. We both had a blast, that speech will go down in history!!
    I made a DVD of the ceremony that I will send with your other cd’s. E-mail me your address and I will mail it so it there on your return

  3. April says:

    Ha! It’s because I was in the picture that it turned out badly! LOL….I should have warned you about that.

  4. no, it’s because I am a DJ, not a photographer, I suck at taking pics

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