Sunday July 6th 2008

A very quiet weekend for Julie and I as we only had 1 wedding,  David & Eliza’s wedding at (drum roll)  The Admiral Kidd Club.  I had my lights again and I am including a couple of pictures of them.  One with how I lit the ceiling (the wedding colours were Pink & Green) and one showing how I put a spotlight on the bride and groom and toasters just for the toasts.  With this, the videographer doesn’t need to have their light on, and it does not bother the bride and groom (I always check with them first)david-eliza-2.JPGdavid-eliza-1.JPG

The table assignments were apples with each persons name on a cocktail stick stuck in, I am includng a picture of that as well.  it was a very different idea that worked really well.

david-eliza-3.JPGThe Bridesmaids and Eliza surprised the groom with a dance routine to Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and Rhythm Nation, which was very entertaining.

Every seemed to have a good time tonight, the food was good again (they are definitely getting better!!) and the drinks were flowing.  Good Times !!!

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