Sunday June 29th 2008

gwen-neil-1.JPGgwen-neil-2.JPGgwen-neil-3.JPGgwen-neil-4.JPGNo rest for the wicked as Julie and I were at the Wild Animal Park today for Gwen & Neil’s wedding.  It is always a unique wedding at this site and tonight was no exception.   We took a couple of short breaks during the dancing for animal shows, as you will see from one of the pictures (as well as yet another system picture!!)  Did I ever mention that I love my set up ??

Shirley did the cake tonight, so I am also inliding a picture of that.  Chana & Don were the photographers, so you know they will also get great pics!!

Gwen’s sister Jen and her husband Brandon were there tonight, we both did their wedding in 2005, it seems like every wedding there are old clients present lately…….I took a picture of Julie and them with their baby Hayden.

We had a good dance floor tonight,  I played mostly oldies as it was that sort of crowd.  Three weddings this weekend with totally different  songs at each. That’s what I love about what I do, no two nights are ever the same!!

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