Saturday June 28th 2008 p.m

vanessa-jeff-2.JPGvanessa-jeff-1.JPGMy second wedding today in the skyline room was Vanessa and Jeffrey’s.  A good friend of mine, and a friend of the bride and groom, Yolanda (who normally works at the Prado) was the officiant today,  which made it easy for me!!

After a slow start the dance floor was solid all night.  I played a lot of Hip Hop and old school that I don’t normally play,  some Skee Lo, Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called QUest to name a few.  We started at 5pm and we were still going strong at midnight !!

I brought my dance lights tonight and they looked great (IMHO!!) I am including a picture of the wonderful Bride & Groom and yet another gratuitous picture of my set up!!

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