Saturday April 14 2007

3469_christina_caleb_desrosiers.JPGMy first trip of the year to the El Cortez was for Caleb & Christina’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and I again used my uplights and I think they looked awesome (no bias here!!) The dance floor was pretty full all night, and I played a lot of songs that I don’t normally play, I can still see everyone dancing to ‘Step In The Name Of Love’ arms up, singing away, a ‘kodak moment’ for me!!!

I reckon we could have gone a couple more hours if we were allowed!!!

My friends Amy & Maurice were the photographers and they sent the attached picture . Julie was working an ‘eventful’ evening at the Prado to put it mildly, the power went out at about 3:30 and did not come back on all night …….. Generators arrived at about 8:30 and all was good in the end, but not without some very stressful moments!!

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