Saturday April 12th 2008

Today I made my forst visit to Pechanga Casino for Curtis & Valarie’s wedding.

It was a very hot day, but i underestimated the wind, I had a speaker out for the ceremony against a wall, and a sudden gust of wind literally blew the stand over sending the speker flying away from the wall, over two rows of chairs, across the ceremony site and into my microphone stand, that had 2 microphones in it, which in turn were sent flying ………..

Not a great start to the day, i am glad to say that the rest of the day went well.  Tessa & Joel, a couple of my previous clients were there so it was good to catch up with them.. We played some good music tonight, the staff were awesome and Curtis and Valarie were an awesome couple to work for.  My favourite part of the night was Curtis dancing with his mum to ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’  Curtis really enjoyed it as well ………..

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