Saturday April 5 2008

An early start today saw Julie and I at the Prado for Teri & Ted’s wedding.  We got there at 6 am to ensure we had a parking spot as there was a 5000 person walk there this morning.  We went for an early morning walk around the park before we unloaded everything 🙂

Today was made easier by having Carrie McCluskey be the photographer, and Pastor Mike as the officiant.  I made a slide show for the happy couple (I played ‘White & Nerdy’ by Weird Al for the grooms pictures at his request!!) and as ever the Prado staff were awesome and the food was spectacular.

It wasn’t a great dancing crowd today, but as I always say, that doesn’t make them a bad crowd (or me a bad DJ I hope!!) and everyone seemed to have a good time up until we did the grand exit for the happy couple and the event was over.

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