Saturday January 5 2008

2008 kicked off with Julie and I at the Admiral Kidd Club for Jessica & Roger’s wedding.  Roger is from Zimbabwe and Jessica met him while there on an internship at the safari camp Roger runs.  Julie and I were very excited about this wedding, not least because we did a trade with them, our services, for 2 weeks on their Safari!!!  Unfortunately, we will not be able to go until 2009, but we can not wait 🙂

With the rain today, we had to hold the ceremony inside, but that did not seem to matter as everyone had a good time tonight.  While the dancing was sporadic, everyone had a good time catching up with friends and family they had not seen in a while, and we extended an hour !!!

Jessica’s dad Wes was quite the character, and the whole group were really nice people that were a pleasure to work for.  A good way to start the year

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