Sunday December 30th 2007

My last wedding of the year, and what a way to go out.  Julie and I were at the Prado for Farhad and Talitha’s wedding.

I used my monogram and set it up on the top floor, outside the room looking in from the small window.  It looked great, I hope to have a picture to add soon.  It filled the dance floor.

Often for Sunday weddings, the dance floor is not always the best, especially for daytime weddings, but, led in large part by  Farhads father, they danced non stop.  I could have played anything and they would dance, I am convinced of it.  We played Persian music, latin, eighties, old school. hip hop, disco, rock, you name it, we played it, and I think Farhad’s dad danced to it all!!!

A great way to end the year, wedding wise.

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