Saturday Sept 8 2007

While I was sweating all day that my gear would be okay following yesterday’s fiasco, I was excited at the prospect of working at the Coronado Marriott, one of my favourite sites, and also for Michael & Kristin, and the chance to play some good 80’s music!!!! I really enjoy working at and with the staff at this site.

The whole evening was a blast, but I have to admit I couldn’t ait for the end, for very selfish reasons!! For a long time now, I have dreamed of playing ‘Nellie The Elephant’ by the Toy Dolls as a final song, and tonight I finally got my wish. it was AWESOME!!!! My last four songs tonight were ‘Blister In The Sun – Laid – Piano Man – Nellie The Elephant a dream finish for me personally and it went over really well with this crowd. I only wish I had my video camera 🙁

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