Sunday September 2 2007

Today was hot, very hot, and we had an outdoor wedding for Kristine & Eric at the Oceanview!!! Julie was the co-ordinator today. It was so hot, we could not put out the favors (chocolate) as they would have melted, we had to put them out later and have guests take them as they left!!

Luckily, it cooled down a bit before the ceremony, but it was quite humid. I was worried people wouldn’t dance, but they were troopers!!! We played a lot of 80’s and Hip Hop and kept it going. I went up to Kristine at one point towards the end and she said she couldn’t believe how many people were still there, that is the comment I love to hear more than anything 🙂

At the end of the night we played ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ by ‘The Dan Band’ into Don’t Stop Believing’ it was a great way to end a great wedding and a great weekend

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4 Responses to Sunday September 2 2007

  1. Troopa says:

    I attended this wedding, and it was incredible! Even old Asian grandmas boogied it out on the dance floor. Everyone went crazy, non-stop on the dance floor. The last two songs were awesome (who remixed that “don’t stop believing???). And the wedding coordinator was on top of things. Can’t believe Kristine found someone as organized as herself.

  2. Elite British DJ says:

    The remix of Don’t stop believing was done by a DJ remix service. I remember the reaction when the beat intro ended and people realized what the song was!!

  3. One of many family members says:

    I too attended this wedding and would like to thank the DJ for the excellent song ending. Initially I was very worried, not recognizing the usual intro to “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” However, like a tried and true heart defibrillator, the song came on and myself and the family partied hard. Yes, that was my Asian grandma out there for a bit. Fantastic!

  4. Elite British DJ says:

    I remember everyone screaming when the recognizable part of the song came in. Priceless

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