Sunday August 26 2007

To end a great weekend for me sports wise (all my favourite teams, Ipswich, Stevenage, Tampa Bay Bucs and The Padres won and my most hated team Narwich lost on the same day for the first time in my life!!!) I went to the Bristol today on a high for Paul & Robins wedding. My dream was completed when I played ‘Chelsea Dagger’ by the Fratellis for the grand entrance (this is the song they play at Ipswich when they score a goal)

This weekend I got to work at three of my favourite sites, all with wonderful staff and I really enjoyed working with every couple, all three weddings were great. A friend of Paul and Robin’s played piano and sang during dinner, which was a very refreshing change. The toasts were funny tonight also.

Tonights photographers were Luna (again!!!) They promised me some pics for my blog for tonight and Friday so stay tuned. I also got to work with a new co-ordinator, Wendy Ferguson. We extended the event tonight, which is always good. The crowd were more into oldies and motown, so I played a lot more of that than I usually do. Everybody seemed to have a great time, and I got to play Piano man for the third day in a row at the end and it was great for the third day in a row of the 96 guests there at the beginning, I counted 52 on the dance floor!!!! That’s a good crowd 🙂

I love my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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